Adoption Considerations

Adopting Considerations

Adoption Considerations

June 23, 2021  

With an unplanned pregnancy comes many options.  Abortion, while maybe the first option to come to mind, is not the only option.

Parenting may not be a good choice for you either if you are in a situation where you know you won’t be able to raise your child.  So, you are left with a difficult choice of adoption or abortion.

The CDC estimates that more than 600,000 abortions are performed each year, but only 15,000 adoptions of relinquished infants.  There are so many couples who would rather adopt a baby, but are put on a long waiting list.  

There are many misconceptions about adoptions.  

Is Abortion the Less Expensive Option?

One is that it is more expensive than having an abortion.  The truth is adoption is always less expensive.  

The reason for that is the cost of pregnancy and giving birth are taken care of by the adoptive family.  The cost of abortion is always your own responsibility.  Some insurance plans cover abortion, but this isn’t something you can always count on.

In some cases, there is even help for living expenses and medical needs.

Is Abortion the Less Emotional Decision?

Another misconception is having an abortion will be a less emotional decision.  The truth is many women experience significant mental and emotional  side effects after an abortion.  

Some women feel regret over placing their child up for adoption, but in general these women are more satisfied with their choice because they know their child has a better life due to their decision. 

Will I Have Any Control Over the Adoption Process?

If you are concerned that putting your baby up for adoption automatically means you will not have any more contact with them, think again.   

In the past, the birth mother didn’t have much control over the adoption process.  But in modern adoption process, the birth mother is in control.  The process makes it possible for you to plan the type of adoption you want.

Here are some of the options that the birth mother has control over:

  • Creating an adoption plan
  • Choosing the adoptive family – You can narrow your search based on a multitude of factors, including personality traits, lifestyle choices, religious beliefs and more.
  • Creating an adoption hospital plan – You can decide which members of your support team are allowed at the hospital and who you want in the delivery room with you.  You can also control how much time you spend with your baby, as well as how much contact and time you want with the adoptive family.
  • Choosing between an open, semi-open, or closed adoption – Through open or semi-open adoption, you can continue to share a life-long bond with your child and the adoptive family.  The amount and type of communication are completely up to you.
​​​​​​​Remember, adoption gives you the one thing that abortion never can.  The peace of mind that your baby will have a good life with a loving family that you choose.  
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