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Might be pregnant? 

Guessing whether you are pregnant is not a good game to play.  There is too much at stake.  

The TPC can put those questions out of mind so you can concentrate on your future. 

Our staff understands that your time is valuable so we give you immediate results from the free pregnancy tests. 

Drop by anytime we are open, no appointment necessary for the test.

I am pregnant, what are my options?

It's your body.  It's your decision. ..

That's why at The Pregnancy Center of Dillon County, we take the time to listen and understand your goals, your fears, your circumstances before recommending options.  

And we take the time to make sure you understand what we are recommending and why.  

Our goal is to provide the best option for you and your baby.

Confidential Appointments

The next step is to make an appointment to discuss your options. 
We are accepting new clients via an online assessment.

Please call us if you need anything!
The Pregnancy Center of Dillon County's services are available regardless of income, race or religion.